1st Team excels in producing players of outstanding character who have intelligent game management skills. The intersection of those attributes provides every young player with the opportunity to maximise their playing potential.

To achieve its objective, 1TFG uses a ‘child-centred’ approach that delivers expert coaching and guidance to each individual player, so those players are able to learn and develop at their own pace, over the long term.

The 1TFG coaching system is split into three distinct phases, as follows:

Discovery Phase

Very young players have the freedom to be creative, make their own decisions and solve problems in an array of exciting game-based sessions. Sessions are designed around fun, lots of touches of the ball individually and in practices that mirror the game.

Foundation Phase

In this phase players are asked to try to combine with teammates and to positively manage game situations (by building a shared appreciation for the role of teammates and their role as a team mate).

Players approach problems with a sense of excitement and creativity – always with the confidence to try new things.


As a player continues to mature, including through puberty and beyond, managing game situations during key moments and different scenarios both individually and collectively become very important. Defining team roles and responsibilities in/out of possession and in transitions is also part of this important learning process.

Players in this phase are asked to find solutions to problems instinctively and use intelligent actions for positive outcomes.