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Soccer inspires billions of fans around the world through moments of individual brilliance.

1st Team Football Group (1TFG) develops young people to unearth their own brilliance, on and off the pitch.

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Soccer football training group of children

1st Team Soccer is part of the 1st Team Football Group (1TFG), a global organisation delivering a world-class soccer learning experience to children aged 5-17 by putting each and every child at the center of their own development as a player.

1TFG methods have delivered success repeatedly at the highest levels of professional football. We focus on the learning needed by each and every individual and provide a positive, creative environment for children to explore and nurture their own potential.

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Danny Kavanagh

Manchester United U15 Captain
England U15 Player

Lee from day one at Burnley FC always took care of my son (Danny) and developed him unlike any other coach.

I believe this to be a major factor in his signing for Manchester United and progressing to the international level with England. I’d definitely say to any company or parent who are looking for World Class football to get in touch with Lee and M18 Sports Team.

Danny Kavanagh (Father)

Danny Kavanagh

Manchester United U15 Captain
England U15 Player